Reaching TV Viewers Through Hashtags

Hashtags have become ubiquitous. They are popular on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Other social media networks use them as well. Of course, if you are a regular social media marketer, then you may be accustomed to branding yourself through hashtags, but you can engage with your audience through other hashtags as well, and one audience… Read More

Facebook More Popular Among 18-24 Year Olds Than TV

This isn’t really a big surprise, but a Nielsen study shows that 18-24 year olds prefer Facebook to TV both during prime time and the day time. What’s more, seniors are all about the TV. People 55 and over popularized day time soaps on television in the 1970s, long before today’s youth were thought of…. Read More

Will YouTube Replace TV?

Google has announced that it will soon add 100 new channels to its video website YouTube. These channels are being produced by some top-tier entertainers including Jay-Z, Ashton Kutcher, Shaquille O’Neal, and CSI creator Antony Zuiker. There is really nothing surprising here. Google is on track to take over the world – or at least… Read More

Online Reviews More Influential Than Advertising

Deloitte conducted a survey that shows people are more influenced to buy a product by online consumer reviews of the product rather than direct advertising. That’s not really news, but it does indicate that consumer review sites are pretty valuable. If you can manage to have a few of your satisfied customers go to a… Read More