New Research: Content Marketing vs Native Advertising

The Reach, Engagement, and ROI of Content Marketing vs Native Advertising is the subject of new research just given to us on Moz. Kelsey Libert gives us a nice overview of the results and there is much to consider. Researchers took a data-driven approach, comparing the efficacy of native advertising to content marketing. A lot of… Read More

SEO Without Analytics?

Whether you are a big business executive, middle manager, or a small business owner, you’d be hard pressed to succeed at SEO (or any Internet marketing) without the use of analytics. You could say that analytics are the eyes and ears of the marketing department. You may have heard something along the lines of, “You… Read More

Having Trouble Measuring Social Media ROI?

The bane of any marketing consultant is the question about proving social media’s ROI. An easy answer is to compare social media with newspaper advertising. It’s difficult to prove ROI on either, however, many business owners, possibly because of their distrust of the Internet, have a fascination with trying to prove there is a solid… Read More

PPC As Branding

For years, large companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and ExxonMobil have spent millions of dollars simply to maintain a positive impression in the media. They weren’t so much concerned with the coveted ROI on advertising campaigns as they were with branding themselves and achieving top-of-mind awareness. When you establish a new advertising campaign – whether it… Read More

Measuring Social Media ROI

Neil Glassman has a great article at Social Times titled “10 Measures Of Social Media ROI For Your Brand.” I highly recommend you read this article. Rather than write a synopsis of the article or reveal the 10 measures, I’m simply going to highlight three of them, which I consider to be uncommon uses of… Read More

How Many Channels Is Enough?

The beautiful thing about marketing your small business online is that you have multiple channels to get your message out to people. I mean, theoretically, you have an unlimited number of channels. But realistically, you have to pick and choose. Which ones are more important? There are some criteria that you should consider for discerning… Read More

Your E-mail Conversion Rate May Be Higher Than You Think

What if you knew that 20% of the e-mail that you sent to opt-in subscribers wasn’t reaching its destination. Would you change the way you look at your ROI? According to recent statistics from Return Path, you should. This poses two issues for e-mail marketers: How can you increase deliverability? What is the correct measure… Read More