3 Ways To Improve SEO Without Adding New Content

Everyone knows you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO), and potentially gain new search rankings, by adding new content to your website. You can do this by adding web pages to your site or by blogging. But how about improving search rankings by not adding new content. Did you know you can do that?… Read More

Increase Your Mobile Page Speed

Chances are, if you’ve done any fair amount of study on responsive web design, then you are thinking about how visitors are viewing your mobile website. Until now, you couldn’t do a whole lot about the speed of your website loading on mobile devices. Google Developers now has guidelines for website developers regarding mobile page… Read More

Google Analytics Adding New Ways To Analyze Web Sites

Google have added two new features to their Analytics tool. The first measures social media interaction whilst the second measures page load speeds. These are two areas that we know Google are keen to include in their search algorithms. Page speed is an important issue for any website owner. The new tool added to Google… Read More