Are You Too Focused On One Social Media Platform?

Social media is everywhere and it can often be a little daunting when for a small business owner about to engage in a social media marketing campaign. All to often a business will focus on one or two social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter since they receive the most mentions. There are hundreds of… Read More

Google+ Gets A Facelift, But How Social Is It?

I checked out the new look on Google+ and, for some reason, my first reaction was how ‘Facebook’ it looked. The two are nothing alike, yet that was my initial reaction. Perhaps I’d spent too long on Facebook. When it comes to Google+, I do wonder how social it really is. Sure, you can create… Read More

B2C Vs. B2B Marketing: Is There A Difference Online?

Is it any different marketing online for business-to-business services and business-to-consumer? On the surface it might seem there is no difference, but there is one slight difference: Where your customers hang out. If you are a B2B marketer then you’ll likely find more potential clients at LinkedIn than at MySpace or Facebook and more at… Read More

Local Internet Marketing May Out Perform Major Social Media

There has been a lot of focus over the last year on major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser extent, Myspace. This has probably drawn a lot of small business operators away from their local internet marketing activities, particularly on local social media sites. They do exist although sometimes they… Read More