How Google Keeps Marketers On Our Toes

One of the most important things a business can do with online marketing is understand how search algorithm works. When you take the time to study how the search algorithms operate and why they are important to your business, then you’ll be able to develop a search engine marketing strategy that is both effective and… Read More

Local Marketing Gets A Toy

Yelp is ten years old and they gave everybody else a gift to celebrate — a new toy called Yelp Trends. Now I know it’s a serious tool because it is a decade of data on 98 cities in 20 different countries but wow, is it fun. You can look at their suggestions, like whether… Read More

Mobile Advertising Segmentation – Tablets & Smartphones

Cynthia Boris at Marketing Pilgrim reveals some interesting tidbits about tablets and smartphones regarding mobile advertising click-throughs. Here’s a run down of some of the more interesting findings: Smartphones dominate games, social media, communications, productivity apps, news, weather, dating, sports, and shopping Tablets have a slight edge on books and reference materials Tablets dominate travel… Read More

Will Conversational Search Kill Keywords?

Danny Sullivan has a very interesting post on conversational search. After reading it, one might think that keywords are going by the wayside – and fast. But that hasn’t happened yet. Google has been using semantic search for about five years now. We’re still using keywords. But conversational search promises to change that (I encourage… Read More

3 Things PPC Can Teach Us About SEO

Internet marketing is not only about chasing SERPs for that coveted No. 1 spot. Nor is it all about driving traffic and conversions with pay per click advertising. Savvy Internet marketing is all about taking advantage of every opportunity and using multiple channels to promote your website and business. But that doesn’t mean you can’t… Read More

SEO Analytics – A Drop In Traffic Is Not Always Bad News

The Panda and Penguin Google updates have certainly spooked a lot of people. The slightest move in website traffic volume is now being blamed on either one (or both) of these updates, and whilst significant drops in traffic are a worrying sign, a closer inspection sometimes shows the opposite to be true. I recently looked… Read More

Snippets A Huge Influencer In Google Local Search

If you’re a local business and you rely on walk in customers, then an online presence is becoming a must. Mobile search is growing at a phenomenal rate as consumers discover how easy the process is. With a good mobile device, a user can search the web in exactly the same way as a desktop… Read More

Mobile Marketing For Small Business – Does It Need A Rethink?

A post on the Bing Webmaster Central blog is well worth reading if you optimize your website for both desktop and mobile users. The post discusses Bing’s preference for a single URL no matter what device a visitor is using to access your website. There are several points worth noting on the post, and while… Read More

5 Current Internet Marketing Trends With Staying Power

Trends come and go, but not all trends end up going. Some end up sticking around for a long time. I predict that the following trends are here to stay and that you should seriously start thinking about following them now that you’ve brought your business online. Mobile Search – Seriously, mobile phones have hit… Read More

How Many Favorite Places Do You Need?

Google has rolled out a new program for local business called Favorite Places. At first glance, the program looks promising. But I can’t help but wonder about the implementation. Google has picked 100,000 local U.S. businesses to be “favorite places.” They sent these businesses a decal to place on their store windows. It is expected… Read More