When Does Content Backfire?

Are there any commercials that stick in your mind even though you can’t remember what the commercial was actually advertising? That’s a good example of a backfire. It doesn’t help much to create memorable content if the memory isn’t going to connect to your business. Another factor in content backfires is when the intended response doesn’t happen…. Read More

Ask Yourself These Questions To Focus Your Content

There is a lot being said about having content on your site and in your advertising that is unique, creative, and focused. It’s enough to make a marketer want to crawl into a corner and hide on some days, am I right? It’s very difficult to continually come up with unique, creative, focused anything after… Read More

The Most Effective Way To Focus Your Content

There really isn’t a way to separate content from optimizing your site for search. That’s because content is what searchers are looking for — although when we are struggling to come up with keywords, coding, and other SEO stuff, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact. We need to always keep the user in… Read More

Is The Content Right On Your YouTube Ad?

One of the trends in online marketing is the increasing use of video. People just love to watch stuff, and as wireless services expand and mobile devices multiply they will be watching more stuff in the year to come. Helena Clark’s recent Search Engine Watch post has some practical tips for getting the content right… Read More

How To Waste Your SEO Efforts

Okay, you’ve managed to manipulate your stuff into a great SERP ranking — so what? The best rankings in the world aren’t going to give much of a return on your investment if people visit your site and leave because it isn’t what they need. The whole promise of a high placement on the search… Read More

Your Title Tag Is Content, Too

It’s true that content is the current emphasis in SEO discussions. That’s because the whole point of a search is to find what you need, and who needs spam? So I’d agree whole-heartedly with the idea that content needs to be well-written and relevant. That just makes sense. But there’s another type of content that… Read More

Your Content Marketing Should Be Originalized

I like the message being presented here by Elisa Gabbert. Most of the content marketing advice small business owners get online is rehashed pat answers from stale old questions. Three examples she offers are: You need a content marketing strategy – Of course, it begs the question, “What IS a content marketing strategy?” Your content… Read More

What Are You Optimizing? Keywords vs Topics

“Searchmetrics recently launched their yearly Ranking Factors Study that bases numbers on rank correlation and averages of top 10 SEO rankings, and this year’s analysis shows that content on top-performing sites is much more holistic and less keyword-focused.” This is the opening statement of Marcus Tober’s excellent article on the Moz blog looking at Searchmetrics Ranking… Read More

3 Questions To Ask About Content

On Moz, in the article “Is Your Content Strategy Guided By Audience Intent (Or Just Keywords)?” some good questions are asked about content. I like them all, but these three sum it up: Why are we creating this content? (goal of the content) How does it make us money? (goal of the business) What is… Read More