6 Ways to Package Long-Form Content

Last week we discussed the importance of long-form content. This week, we’ll talk about ways to package your long-form content. Keep in mind that long-form content is not the only way to approach content marketing. We recommend a mix of long-form and short-form content. But here are the ways you can use long-form content to… Read More

Why Long-Form Content Is In

Have you noticed that content marketing is currently trending toward long-form content? By that, I mean the following types of content: 2,000-word plus blog posts White papers Books and e-books Long articles, such as what you’ll find at Medium and Longreads The question is, why is online current trending toward the long form? Marketers Destroyed… Read More

How Much Time Should You Spend On SEO?

How important is search engine optimization (SEO)? Is it so important that you should pore over every word on your blog and website to find ways to improve your SEO so that your content ranks higher in the search engines? It’s become fashionable in the last couple of years to claim that SEO is dead… Read More

The Splintering of Content Marketing

In the early days of the Internet, if you wanted to market your business online, you had just a few options: Write articles List your website in directories Join a traffic ring Purchase banner ads on another website There was no podcasting, video marketing, social media, or PPC advertising. And there were only 3,000 websites,… Read More

Is SEO Really Dead?

Professional search engine optimizers have been engaged in this conversation for a decade now. Is SEO dead? It depends on who you ask. Typically, the “SEO is dead” people argue that the search engines have changed their algorithms so much that attempting to rank your web pages using traditionally keyword-targeted content is a waste of… Read More

Is Content Curation Profitable?

If you’ve been markting online for a while, then you likely know a little bit about content creation. Even if you aren’t sure about the practical strategy aspect of content marketing, you know you should be doing it. But what about content curation? Is there any value in curating the content of others? There are… Read More