More Updates Means More Traffic

An interesting study by SiteKreator has confirmed what I’ve been telling you for more than two years now. The more updates you make to your small business website, the more traffic you are going to get. I was particularly surprised to learn that 54% of small businesses update their websites less than .5 times per… Read More

Leave a Blog Comment, Why It Might Be Smarter Than Blogging

Have you hit a blogging wall? Out of ideas? Not comfortable with writing in general? You’re not alone. Small businesses have plenty to do–online and elsewhere–and we tend to avoid something that “feels like work.” There is another way around this dilemma and generate an online presence that’s beneficial to you. How? By visiting other… Read More

Get Your Small Business Blog Going! Five Keys to a Great Start

Abraham Lincoln said, “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 hours sharpening the ax.” In other words, preparation makes a hard job easier. It’s no different when it comes to creating a small business blog. Here’s a few tips to help you get your blog off to a great… Read More

Whatever Happened to the Local Hangout? It’s On Your Blog and Website

Remember when going to buy an auto part meant driving a couple of miles, going into a store–and hanging out for a few minutes? You’d meet other weekend mechanics, teens and old-timers, and you’d chat (brag) about what you were building, ask a question, and even show a picture or two? That’s how small businesses… Read More

Create Deep Links to Keep Your Viewers on Your Small Business Website

After you get viewers to visit your small business website, your next goal is to keep them there. Deep links do just that. Deep links are links to other pages deeper in your website. They refer to content you’ve already created, information they’ll find insightful–and all you have to do is lead (in this case,… Read More

How Link Building Boosts Your Ranking

Nothing is more frustrating for a small business than to jump through all the Internet hoops and then for nothing to happen. You build your website, make sure it’s optimized, register the darn thing…and then it sounds like crickets on a summer night. No traffic. Search engines use links to find your site. It’s how… Read More

Blogging for Small Business: Make Your Size a Selling Point

Blogging for small business might seem like a waste of time if you feel that no one will look at your blog. However, many people really do prefer small businesses because of the service they get adn will be more than happy to buy from you. It´s important to remember that blogging is not the… Read More

Blogging for Small Business: Add a Whole New Dimension to Your Business

Blogging for small businesses is one of the most valuable methods you can use to promote your business and yourself. The best business is one that is considered to be the outstanding expert in its field and a good way to gain expert status is to start blogging. Having a business website these days is… Read More