6 Alternatives to Google Analytics

I believe most website owners are still using Google Analytics. There’s really nothing wrong with that, but you should know it’s not the only option you have. There are perfectly valid reasons for not using Google Analytics. For one thing, did you know Google owns your data? And that means they could close it down any… Read More

How’s Your Online Health?

Your body’s health is important. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll run your body down and it will quit working. From time to time, you may feel the need to visit a doctor just to prevent your health from declining or to keep your health up to speed. Well, your online health is… Read More

Some Tips for Managing Keywords Better

If you’re going to get into the deep weeds of search engine optimization and really optimize your Web pages, then you need a way to manage and control your keywords. Here are a few tips to help you manage your keywords better. Keep them in a spreadsheet – Organization is very important. You need a… Read More

Using Entry Pages As A Key Metric

The one question that keeps popping up regarding the loss of Google’s keyword data is, “How can we track which keywords people are using to find our website?” It’s a good question and there’s no easy answer, but if you look at your referrer logs, you can see what pages site visitors enter your website… Read More

5 Ways Analytics Are Important To Your Local Business

If you own a local business and you don’t track your sales, online website traffic, social media metrics, and offline conversions, then you are missing out on important information and important opportunities for your business. You should install an analytics program on your website and pay attention to the statistics that drive sound decision-making. Here… Read More

Does SEO Have A Future?

With so many changes happening at the search engine level, this is a trying time for many online marketers. That’s especially true where SEO is concerned because it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to measure results. Google no longer provides a free keyword research tool for non-PPC customers and they no longer provide keyword data to… Read More

5 Free Alternatives To Google Analytics

I’m not suggesting you should give up on Google Analytics, especially now that they are in the process of rolling out Universal Analytics, but if you do decide to look around for other analytics services, here are five free alternatives to Google Analytics you might consider. Clicky – Clicky is one of the more popular… Read More