Are Keywords Necessary Anymore?

There are a few SEOs who are beginning to shift their discussion of search engine optimization from keywords to queries. The obvious question is, what’s the difference? Tom Anthony explains how the term “search query” is changing. I like his distinction between “explicit” and “implicit” aspects of a search query. This kind of thinking is… Read More

Google Books Poses New Search Opportunity

Google has just won a landmark legal battle involving its fair use/copyright dispute with The Authors Guild. A judge agreed with their argument that scanning pages of published books constitutes fair use. The interesting thing about this decision is that the scanned pages in the books creates a new opportunity for business owners with authority… Read More

The 4 Pillars Of SEO Today

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. The way things are done today are not the way they were done 10 years ago. They’ll likely be different 10 years from now. A few years ago, no one thought about social media. It didn’t exist. There weren’t any social media strategies. There were SEO strategies, but they… Read More

How To Ensure You Rank In The Search Engines

Ranking in the search engines is not as difficult as some folks might lead you to believe. It certainly doesn’t boil down to using all the right keywords with all the right keyword densities. In fact, if you are still counting keyword densities, then there’s a good chance you might fall victim to an algorithm… Read More

How To Match Keywords With Landing Pages

One of the most important tasks for search engine optimizers and small business owners who want to rank well in the search engines for their landing pages is to make sure that those landing pages match the proper keywords. It’s not difficult, but it is a specific task that requires a specific set of skills…. Read More

Is It All About Schema And Authorship?

Just about every time Google updates its algorithms you’ll see an onslaught of SEOs and online marketers predicting what they think the change means long term. Most of these predictions are wrong. Some are right on, and sometimes the person making the prediction is so far out in left field it’s hard to believe anyone… Read More

Why Keyword (Not Provided) Is Not A Big Deal

The Internet is abuzz since Google quit providing keyword data to site owners three days ago. Since then, SEOs and veteran Internet marketers have offered their advice on culling actionable data from multiple sources so that website owners can keep growing their businesses. One SEO even called Google out on anti-competitive practices. I’ll leave that… Read More

Google Kills Its Keyword Research Tool

One of my favorite keyword research tools is dead. Google killed it. I’m talking about Google’s own Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool. If you Google this tool, you’ll see that it’s No. 1 in the organic search listings for its name. However, click the link and you’ll go to a page that explains the tool… Read More