Good Customer Service Is Good Marketing

The lines are getting blurry between the traditional business categories that separate things like customer service, reputation management, and marketing. This is because technology is increasing to the point where a business will need to be a cohesive experience for customers or they will go somewhere else. Omni-Channel Businesses The term “omni-channel” is used to… Read More

Three Sides of the Ball

There really isn’t a clear, hard line between customer service and reputation management and marketing. They all are part of the same package because each one involves the same contact: the point between your business and your customer. It’s kind of like deciding which side of a ball is up because “up” is whichever part… Read More

2 Things Good Online Reputations Need

Your online reputation is not entirely within your control. After all, you can’t control what other people think and say, or say without thinking. That word-of-mouth factor is difficult to assess and impossible to predict with accuracy. There are some things within your power, though, and these two are a good start. Trustworthiness is an… Read More

Why Authority Is The New SEO

If you’ve been paying attention to Google’s algorithm changes for the past couple of years, you’ve likely noticed something. It seems they are canalizing webmasters into certain courses of action. One of the things that Google wants webmasters to focus on is building authority. This is a big shift from the way that Google has… Read More

Protect Your Reputation And You Won’t Need To Fix It

The best remedy for reputation management issues is not needing a remedy to begin with. If you perform excellence customer service, deliver a good product or service, and take care of your customers, then you will likely never need to fix your reputation from damage. However, sometimes things happen, so you should be prepared. If… Read More

How To Use LinkedIn For Reputation Management

Did you know you can use LinkedIn as a reputation management tool? LinkedIn has several features that make it a great tool for managing your reputation online. Here are 6 ways you can manage your reputation using LinkedIn. Search engine optimization – Let’s start with the obvious. Your LinkedIn profile can be quite long. There’s… Read More

How Fake Reviews Ruin Your Reputation

Samsung is in hot water. And the sad part is it was completely avoidable. All they had to do was – nothing. Instead, someone in their marketing department thought it would be a good idea to buy fake reviews. Very bad idea. Not only did they buy positive reviews of their own products, but they… Read More

How Important Is Your Reputation?

Amazon recently fired its security company in Germany. It’s an interesting story because Amazon reacted quickly. As soon as the controversy reared its face in public, the company made a decision to end its relationship with the company. That’s hard-nosed. It’s also respectable, and I would argue it was the best decision for the company’s… Read More

Why Amazon Has A Strong Reputation

Reputation management begins with customer service. But with Amazon, the Internet’s largest retailer, it begins with the competition. That’s what I get out of the new Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient Study. Last year, Amazon ranked No. 4. Apple was No. 1 and Google was No. 2. The Coca-Cola Company fell in at No. 4. This… Read More